marcus demir When life gives you razor blades, you make a baseball bat... covered in razor blades..
• full name marcus peter demir • nicknames mar, marc • age + birth date 7.12.1991, 24 • hometown huntington beach, ca • residence aliso viego, ca • occupation in between atm • sexuality + status single & kinsey 3

currently a work in progress.

It's easy to be young and confused, to fall in love with one thing today and hate it tomorrow. Marcus Demir has prided himself on being the type of guy who could blend into any background, a human chameleon. In high school he floated from one clique to the next, for a brief time he was one of the artistic kids, following that brief period he was in with the smart kids, the popular guys, the jocks, he fell into a period of the school band, no one faulted him for this, everyone enjoyed the boy who would befriend everyone. It is easy to be this way as a teenager, almost as easy in college, but after graduation that is when you are supposed to settle down, when you are supposed to mature and become responsible, when the department of education is expecting you to start paying off the loans. Marcus, a graduate with a degree in Elementary education, decided just a few weeks shy of graduation that he had no real idea if he wanted to follow through with his degree and following graduation, decided to stick around Portland and find himself some more, see what else the city has to offer.

On his twenty-first birthday, he stumbled into a local hot spot in Portland where he ended up spending the whole night (sober) and chatting with a big wig at a local event planning company. At the end of the evening, he was given the mans card and told to call him after graduation, said perhaps he can find a spot for him in the company. The day after graduation, Marc pulled out the card and called him. The following six months he spent as an intern but eventually worked his way to being a full time employee, following his boss along on trips and learning a lot about the company. Marc really felt that he found his niche and was very comfortable in what he was doing. After almost a year and a half, the company made some major cuts, over 60% of the staff was laid off, including Marc.

Losing his job was a slight blow to the ego, but Marc has always been easy to pick himself up and dust himself off. He took on a number of odd jobs following. A brief stint as a truck driver which ended a week and a half after his training was complete (but at least he has a truck drivers license now), a short while as a house painter which he stopped doing after he fell off a ladder and broke his arm, two weeks as a mall security guard which he quit after deciding it was not as fun as the movies made it look, and nine hours as a dog groomer. After he quit his job as a dog groomer, he came to terms with Portland no longer being the place for him and decided to make the trip back home to good old California, where the sun always shines and the waves are always crashing, and his family is always waiting.


father mother brother sister sister peter demir rose demir (nee landry) xander demir stellla demir lainee demir

facts ONE : Freshman year of college, he had a total player as a roommate. Joey would bring home a different girl every week, have his fun with her and toss her asie. One girl he actually kept around for six months and this girl and Marc became best friends. After her fling with Joey ended, Marc remained close with her. A little over two years ago, she became pregnant and had a baby boy named Nicholas. After his birth, Marc was named the godfather, a title he takes very serious.

TWO : He will make fun of his sisters, he will give them both so much hell, but beneath his brotherly tormenting, Marc loves both his sisters Lainee and Stella with everything in him and would do anything for them.

THREE: His younger brother, Xander has autisum, at the moment Xander is obsessed with toy trains, every toy train that he sees Marc has to buy it for him. His little brother really is his best friend..

FOUR: While away in Portland, the one thing he missed the most was sand and surf.